Fabian Küpper - Handpan Mystic Flow
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Fabian Küpper - Handpan Mystic Flow


Lonely Concert - Handpan Mystic Flow - 1 hour virtuousic handpan meditation music - Chaya C# Pygmy

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Fabian Küpper
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Press Text
My name is Fabian Küpper a.k.a.

„Handpan Mystic Flow“ .
I am a professional handpan musician, multi-instrumentalist and music producer from Germany.
My main instrument the handpan was invented in the year 2000 and it's probably the instrument of this century. One could call it THE new age instrument.
It's a UFO-shaped melodic and percussive instrument hand crafted of steel and it has an absolutely magical sound.
I play the handpan professionally for many years now and own a variety of brilliant sounding handpans from some of the best makers in the world. Each of these handpans has it's own soul and with each one I create unique and intimate storys of sound which will take you on a mystical inner journey where you experience amazingly deep feelings, relaxation and meditation as well as eargasms ;-)

On the handpan I play unique melodies and harmonics combined with intelligent rhythms to create complex worlds of sound which all in all can be described as mesmerizing, flowing, soulful, meditative, relaxing, dreamy, sensitive, intuitive and mystical as well as groovy, virtuous, ecstatic and emotional.

In my recordings the handpan mostly stands in the foreground.
Besides of many extensive solo pieces with various handpans of different moods
I create ancient mystic soundscapes where the handpan is mixed with some of the following instruments: Didgeridoo, djembe, piano, frame drum, darbuka, different rattels, drums, chimes, ancient style flutes, rainmaker stick, thunder drum. (Which are mostly all played by myself.)
Also in some pieces I added my vocals in an archaic shamanic way...

On the other hand you find in my music chilled grooves with modern influences underlined by subtle electronic beats. As well as influences of Jazz, Classic and Pop.
But most importantly my totally innovative approach to creating music and my unique style.

What makes my music interesting for the world of film is that it is subtle and it creates atmosphere, it creates deep feelings as well as harmonizing calm backgrounds.
My handpan music comes from the bottom of my being. I play this instrument from deep within my heart and there come up such unknown big and beautiful emotions as well as mystical and kind of dark feelings.
I can imagine very well how my music can be used to draw the viewer deeply into the atmosphere of a scenery.

Since early childhood I play Jazz piano, djembe, percussion and didgeridoo. That's my background.
My father Armin Küpper is a professional Jazz saxophonist who recently went viral on all platforms with his project „Pipelinefunk“. From time to time we make music projects together.

But I am mainly a handpan solo artist playing concerts on all kinds of events.
Besides of that I give handpan lessons, make music videos and I record and produce new albums.

You find my albums on all common music platforms and a big variety of music videos on my Youtube channel.

I am always exploring the unknown realms of music inside myself and I try to give the inner silence a voice through my art. Also I am constantly developing in the field of composing, arranging and recording and integrating new genres into my own style and composing various worlds of magical sound, feeling and spirit.
There is a lot more unique stuff to come in the near future.


Mein Name ist Fabian Küpper.
Meine Faszination ist Musik. -

Musik lebt im Moment, sie erzählt Geschichten und
eröffnet uns die verborgenen Welten unserer Seele.
Musik ist Gefühl. Sie drückt aus, wozu Worte nicht imstande sind.

Meine Musik kommt aus dem Herzen, sie ist intuitiv und persönlich.

Mit meinem Hauptinstrument, der Handpan
bewegt sich mein Spiel von sanften Harmonien über getragene,
perkussive Grooves und Melodien bis hin zum virtuosen, extatischen Klangregen.

Der Klang der Handpan ist weich, sphärisch, mystisch, metallisch.
Er lädt dazu ein, sich zu entspannen und den Moment zu genießen.
Es entstehen Tiefe, geheimnisvolle Töne, sowie helle klare Töne.
Die Klänge sind vielschichtig, mit zahlreichen Obertönen und langem Hall.

Inspiriert von afrikanischen Rhythmen, Klassik, Jazz, modernen
Club-Sounds und freier Improvisation entstehen einzigartige

Engagieren Sie mich für Ihre Veranstaltung
Sei es Geburtstag, Kunstausstellung, Konzert, Festival,
als Hintergrundmusik in Restaurant oder Café. -

Oder veranstalten Sie bei sich ein Hauskonzert für Freunde und Bekannte.

Mit meinem exotischen Instrument und seinen berührenden, sanften
Klängen mache ich Ihre Veranstaltung zu einer angenehmen,
außergewöhnlichen Erfahrung.