Live Act Singer/Songwriter Acoustic Experimental
Ethav - Singer/Songwriter Acoustic Experimental Live Act in London

Ethav Short Info

Ethav's songs are often described as unique, drawing images, with a touch of melancholy and hope mixed in together.

Ethav’s live shows are equally riveting where she performs with a laptop and midi controller or even wholly acapella alongside more traditional acts. Her acapella performances led her to writing and recording her debut single “Sleep” which was put together in one take in the studio. The music video for “Sleep” was screened across every city in the UK as part of BFI Film Festival. The animated video won best commissioned film awards and was shown in major animation film festivals.

Discography Ethav

  • 2010 Ethav EP | Inverted Music UK


  • Video Ethav: Sleep | Music Video


  • London GB


  • Ethav solo

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