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Erik Lindström Music
A27b134bedbb94791ee23cf7ec4848c21f9c62ab Leva Single 2018
9c10cdc60163fcd2911a43a2e8cd5b0271df87eb Efterglow Album 2017
81ce99c97648b4bf5cb1f731c252c4b8b129befb Doors Dance Single 2016
8df4116e30397711bd10ddba64ce24f1b06a490b Himmelbjerget EP Single 2015
Erki Pärnoja
20dca2ac1159cdda6afcb4a261f7b6e75ef2ddd2 Eha Single 2019
Erik Lindström under exclusive license to Made In Baltics Entertainment
7ff80e15195005de06fd57f5f646073706e633dc Saja Lugu Album 2018
No Agency
Monday Morning
Martiina Putnik
Press Text
Estonian songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Erki Pärnoja heads for the hills with his two solo albums “Himmelbjerget” (2015) and “Efterglow” (2017).

Well known for his work as guitarist in the Estonian art-pop group Ewert and The Two Dragons he now reveals a diverse and more alternative side of himself as a frontman and songwriter.

Ethereal grieving synthesizer sounds that blend with a distinctive cutting guitar sound, drowned in shimmering reverb - all this forms a musical genre which is best described as a cinematographic journey, a complex affair between dream-pop and groovy guitar rock from the 70s. Acoustic, synthetic and mystical.

His unique Nordic touch, impressionist guitar riffs, film like soundscapes and high instrumental skills of the whole band brought him the Artist Award Tallinn Music Week Festival in 2017. Official music video/short film for the track “Efterglow”, starring Erki’s grandmother, was awarded with the best music video award at the first Estonian Music Video Awards in 2017 and the album brought him two awards at Estonian Music Awards 2018 – Male Artist of the Year and Alternative/Indie Album of the Year. Erki is currently working on his next album.