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Eraserhead Short Info

Eraserhead is a psychedelic - garageband from Belgium who play songs with some raw, noisy brushstrokes and psychedelic freak-outs. Their sound is often described as a cross-pollination of "krautrock", "noise-rock" and straightforward "garage".

It is as much a band that writes songs as it also contains making films, soundtracks & Art perfomances.

The band insists of doing all the artwork upon itself to let all these different art-worlds blend in with each other

Released in february 2015 their first EP "Wartapes"

Discography Eraserhead

  • 2015 Wartapes EP | Kinkystar Records


  • Sound Do Androids Dream of Electr...
  • Sound Trompetstront
  • Sound Old Rug Machine
  • Sound Interstellar Nightlife
  • Sound Anita's Psychedelic Dinner
  • Video Eraserhead - Do Androids Dr...
  • Video Eraserhead - Trompetsront (...
  • Video Eraserhead - Idle Superstar...

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964 Fans
1,011 Plays


  • Deerlijk BE


  • 2013


  • Niels Manhaeghe Vocals, percussion
  • Maxime Rouquart Vocals, guitar
  • Michael Colasse Vocals, guitar
  • özgür Arpaci bass
  • Vadim Rouquart Drums

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