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"We've been GOLD artists for a while, and the gigs came quickly, with great club concerts and festivals, our wishes were absolutely fulfilled." - Artwhy // Germany

"I love the layout of gigmit and I try to follow up on the music festivals, especially the showcase festivals which are good to get to know people in the music biz." - einarIndra // Iceland

“gigmit is great for up-and-coming bands who need that extra push before they break. It’s a good stepping stone to reach out to a new market you otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to reach.“ - Kalandra // Norway

Alternative, Postrock, Atmospheric, Ambient, Singer/Songwriter, Experimental, Rock, Cinematic, Indie
Athens , GR
Live Artist
32,400 Fans
Indietronica, Singer/Songwriter, Indietronica, Electronic Indie, Electronic Soul Music , Indie
Kópavogur, IS
Live Artist
3,341 Fans
Alternative Folk, Alternative, Alternative Pop, Ambient, Folk
Oslo, NO
Live Artist
2,526 Fans

How much does GOLD membership cost?

The GOLD package costs €159 on a monthly basis and €129 per month if purchased as an annual subscription. We do not charge any agency commission.

How can I become a GOLD member?

Due to its limited availability, interested parties cannot simply subscribe for the GOLD membership; they must first request the membership by filling out a questionnaire. After a detailed initial assessment, usually followed by a telephone interview with one of our bookers, we’ll decide whether or not to take you under our wing. We only accept artists who we believe have the right kind of performance and credentials to succeed.

What are the Premium GOLD services?

As a GOLD member, you’ll be looked after by our experienced booking agents. We’ll examine your profile and provide you with individualized feedback in order to develop a booking strategy. We'll work with you to determine which clubs and shows are best for you, what fees you can expect to receive, etc. We utilize our extensive promoter network to find you suitable gigs. All of our GOLD members receive preferential treatment, including personal recommendations to our promoters, which increases their likelihood of selection. Promoting our GOLD members is not always an easy task – especially for those who don’t yet have a large fan base. It takes time and a large network to promote new talent. And that’s exactly what we offer to our GOLD members.

In addition to the Premium services, our GOLD members also benefit from all the services available to our Basic and Start members. Amongst others, these benefits include better placement in applicant listings, unlimited gig applications and unrestricted use of our gig search. You will also receive telephone support, exclusive access to Premium Gigs, and recognition as a Premium member with an online badge.

How many gigs will GOLD membership get me?

With GOLD membership, we ensure your success! You’ll receive one gig offer per month. For subscriptions of 3, 6 or 12 months, we guarantee you the respective amount of offers per quarter, half-year or year. Close collaboration and the use of a common calendar will help us to find suitable gig dates.

How much will my fee be? How much will I earn?

Our booking agents aren’t magicians, but with over 15 years of booking experience and live music industry know-how, they really know their stuff. We’ll aim to secure you fees that the GOLD members would usually receive outside of gigmit. This will be based on normal market conditions, which varies depending on the number of potential fans that will come to your concerts in each city.

What kind of gigs can I expect?

You’ll find a good overview of the promoters we work with by looking on gigmit.com. Our gigs include several major festivals, as well. The majority of the gigs are in small and mid-sized clubs in Germany and the UK, in genres such as indie, pop, alternative, rock, metal, jazz and electronic music.

Can GOLD members get more than one gig offer per month?

It depends on a lot of different factors, but so far anything between 1 and 10 gigs per month has been possible. Together with your personal booker you’ll be able to consider and agree upon the different opportunities available.