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Elacosm [Poetic synesthetic meditative electro-acoustic music] In this project, bassist Kentaro Suzuki and drummer Kozo Komori use digital technology to modulate the sounds and overtones of their instruments, and render a panoramic soundscape that induces an unusual sense of time in listeners.

The goal of this live electronics project is to create a primitive synesthetic meditative atmosphere by modulating sounds using digital technology.

Kentaro SUZUKI
(electric contrabass, PureData for real-time sound modulation, self-made MIDI controller)
Contrabass player, composer, arranger. Born in Tokyo in 1973.
He started his career in Japan, and has been living in France since 2006. After completing his studies at the Conservatory of Montreuil with a gold medal, he continued his studies in double bass and classical music at Pôle Supérieur 93, and electro acoustic music at Paris 8 University.
He plays music of various genres and eras including jazz, improvisational music, classical music and Baroque
music. He's also participated in a wide range of interdisciplinary projects with dancers, actors, filmmakers and museums over the years.

Siteweb : http://kentarosuzuki.com/fr
Blog : http://kentarosuzuki.com/blog

Kozo Komori
(snare drum, everyday objects, Max/Msp for real-time sound modulation)
He started playing the drums at age 11. He started playing professionally while attending university. He's performed in a wide range of music from pop to experimental music.
In this project, he uses everyday objects and Max-Msp to take an unorthodox approach to playing the snare drum.