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'A Western Folk hybrid with a great story behind the songs, really looking forward to finding out what else the album will offer!' - Dave Watkins, The Country Mile' EJ O’Reilly is a Singer/Songwriter based in London but originally hails from the Mourne Mountains, Co.

Down (Yes the ones Don McLean sings about). He plays Country/Americana, Acoustic or Electric depending on the gig. His music is down-to-earth telling stories of love, loss, the countryside and the city, as well as a few comical ones for good measure. Influences are drawn from experiences and stories he has come across through life.

'Great song. Went down a storm' Marcus Palmer, DJ, Bradley Stoke Radio

'The Expressman,’ tells of the hazards faced by riders on The Pony Express, a mail service that ran between 1860 and 1861. The Pony Express cemented itself into American history due to the true grit shown by its riders required to travel from Missouri to California in no more than 10 days.

Previous Releases - Young O’Reilly, Australia and Easy - have received a number of glowing reviews and he is hoping to bring something truly brilliant and unique with his fourth-coming release, The Frontier Three. The narrative album explores mid-1800's America, when modernity pushed West and the foundation of the US was formed. The stories tell of the trouble and strife faced through three central stories, 'God's Gun' 'The Expressman' and ' An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge'. This is drawn from a childhood spent watching way too much American television, books given to EJ by his grandparents and a fascination with the Wild West, The Frontier Three will be released in January 2020

EJ's music has been featured on BBC Radio Ulster, BritishCMA, UK Country Radio, Ridge Radio, ExpressFM, Cowboy Joe Radio, The Country Mile Radio Show, Chordblossom.com, Chat and Spin Radio, Folk and Honey Magazine, North West Country Music, Live on the Road playlist, Sound and Vision Country, Siren Radio, New Folk on Friday Playlist and many more.