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Echolocation - Alternative Live Act in Leicester

Echolocation Short Info

7 piece rock band using abrasive spoken word style. Projected visuals and the use of cello and brass contribute to their exciting live performances.
Formed in 2006 Echolocation have traveled an idiosyncratic journey which the world seems to be catching up with, since the universal exaltation of Sleaford Mods and deification of The Fall.
3 Albums, 2 EPs and a slew of 'left of centre' singles, Echolocation are on really good form at the moment. Not everyone's cup of tea, but hey "this is not the X's the why? factor".

Past Gigs Echolocation

  • 12 | 2014 Leicester Echolocation presents 13
  • 11 | 2014 Leicester Echolocation
  • 10 | 2014 York Mark Wynn, Echolocation
  • 05 | 2014 Leicester Handmade festival


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