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Earth Flight - Rock Alternative Progressive Rock Psychedelic Live Act in Nürnberg

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We are Earth Flight, the Leviathan, the one which appears in the abyss the moment our tentacles wrap around you leaving you knowing the silence and unending darkness of the ocean surrounding you, only to swallow and spit you forth upon the highest of mountains so you may observe the most beautiful of sunrises.

We are in a sense, this. How the eagle flies high and far, equally as the creatures of the deep soar through the black void. Orange, blue, green...melancholy, fluidity, guitar, drums, bass, vocals...yet you should hear for yourself.

Discography Earth Flight

  • 2011 *blue hour confessions* Album | Recent Records
  • 2007 Earth Flight Album | Barbarian Wrath
  • 2005 Earth Flight EP |


  • Sound Boneyard (working title)
  • Sound Oceanic (working title)

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