Divan Rouge

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Divan Rouge - Experimental Trip-Hop Ambient Psychedelic Progressive Organic Electronic Music Live Act in Paris

Divan Rouge Short Info

Divan Rouge is the debut self-entitled collaboration between audiovisual artist/composer Ulises Labaronnie (Argentina) and Klaas von Karlos of A/V collective ReVerse Bullets (Germany/USA). The creation of this album emerges from a communication in energies via four countries - France, Argentina, Germany, and the USA. Divan Rouge is a convergence of mystery, magic, blood, and astral planes.

The two sonic architects, Klaas von Karlos and Ulises Labaronnie crafted the album over a two year period after meeting in an old brothel in France.

Discography Divan Rouge

  • 2014 Divan Rouge Album | Perfect Entropy Productions


  • Sound Jean Grey
  • Sound Chaptre Un
  • Sound Glow View ( Divan Rouge III)

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  • Paris FR


  • 2012


  • Klaas von Karlos Electronics/Production
  • Ulises Labaronnie Electronics/Guitar