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Dimitar Dodovski - Ambient Electronica Dub Dubtechno Improvisation Live Act in bitola

Dimitar Dodovski Short Info

Dimitar Dodovski, (b.1980) has been part of the macedonian electronic music scene since the early 00’s with his productions as well as live and dj appearances. His sound involves a spectrum of dubby textures to meditative ambient soundscapes. Making albums solo and with other musicians, Moss Garden (w/ Lee Anthony Norris) and Post Global Trio, he has released several critically acclaimed albums on labels like Databloem, Carpe Sonum Records, Unknown Tone Records.

Discography Dimitar Dodovski

  • 2016 Dérive Album | Shimmering Moods Records
  • 2015 Potential Worlds Album | Womblabel
  • 2015 In Every Direction EP | Shimmering Moods Records
  • 2014 In The Silence Of The Subconsious Album | Carpe Sonum
  • 2013 Understanding Holy Ghosts Album | Kaico
  • 2013 Rivers Album | Databloem
  • 2012 Aluminium Bend EP | Lantern
  • 2012 Nature EP | Postglobal Recordings
  • 2010 Fiction Makes Sense Album | Tropic Netlabel
  • 2009 Internal Affairs EP | Aeronautique


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