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"Today we can make music with computers, but the computers have always existed in the minds of composers.


Milan Kundera

Derfzen, it’s two musicians with electronic machinery, pads …etc.
Abbes Sekkal (Vocal+ Electro-Machine), and Eric Lebeau (Bass+Electro Machine).
Derfzen, it’s a strange powerful feeling close to the unreal which affects you deeply. Derfzen, it’s the incredible voice of Abbes.

After several series of concerts in Paris, Derfzen decides to incorporate acoustic instrument with synthesizers in their compositions. . This combination leads to a new approach in
Electro/Rock Music..

"Today we can make music with computers, but the computer has always existed in the minds of composers. "
Milan Kundera

The search for new sound like gold diggers ... The unique sound, one that will stick to the compositions, in our deepest sensibility. While keeping an eye on our time, our contemporaries.
Derfzen is modern; engaged with modern technology but also with issues of his time. This will search our artistic musical follows: gather synthesized sounds created with computers and musicians. For this innovation in the use of machinery is at the heart of our concerns. Aside from looking for it, a world now clearly identified, we had to put the computer to work the musical moment, to enable it to improvise as well as musicians. Hence the creation of specific tools (looper noon stutter) and using ableton live controllers like the Lemur, Launchpad, electronic drums (in addition to the acoustics) and plugins latest-generation among other things allow the opening of the electric guitar sounds really different from common usage. We can now say that it all works and gives us ranges consistent improvisation in our live performances.
Our modernity is also deeply embedded in the choice of topics raised in the texts. They reflect our view of the individual or the present society with its excesses, leaving deep scars over time in all of us. These include for example the text of 'Promised Land' which deals with life in megacities, where everyone runs to the hope of something, money, success, a meeting with someone, or else, ‘Take a look at you’ , the story of a infamous person criticizing everything and rejects everything while he is all that he rejects. Our last song 'Gold' is about the smell of gold of all those persons who exhibit themselves with gold, while they are responsible for the blood and pain of those who extract it! We should also mention 'Free at last' anthem to freedom to our need to feel free and good with ourselves, even for a moment ...Recently “ Cold song “ a new approach of the famous opera song from Purcell .