Deafening Opera
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Deafening Opera


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Deafening Opera
Ab67616d0000b273554312413767ff5f6e6587a7 Let Silence Fall Album 2018
Ab67616d0000b273bfa014ef34e0017aa9f5bbca Blueprint Album 2013
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The German rock band, Deafening Opera, was formed in Munich in 2006 by lead singer Adrian Daleore, guitarists Moritz Kunkel and Thomas Moser, and bassist Christian Eckstein, and joined by Konrad Gonschorek on drums and Tilman Espert on the keyboards, who was replaced by Gérald Marie in 2009.

Their first album, Synesteria, released in 2009, falls under the genre of progressive metal. The precise guitar riffs and powerful rhythms are delicately balanced by melodious, sometimes melancholic, vocals. This intriguing combination invites the listener to explore the inner self.
The style of this Munich group passed from metal to progressive rock with the release of the EP 25.000 Miles (2011). This EP serves as the basis for the new album Blueprint released in July 2013. The lyrics, in English and French, tell the story of a life and the construction of a man; the vocals are borne on an ambience that is sometimes retro and powerful, sometimes atmospheric, punctuated with arpeggiators.
Well established in the Bavarian local scene, the band has participated in several generalist German band competitions, thereby always reaching either the final or semi-final stage, which is noteworthy to mention due to the relatively low popularity of prog-rock.

With widely diverse experimental styles that are technically rigorous, this multicultural ensemble seems to have found the right balance to satisfy a wider audience, appealing to those new to the genre as well as to the musically sophisticated, while conveying a range of emotions and sensations.


Facettenreicher und auskomponierter Progressive Rock, mehrsprachige Texte und melodiöser Gesang, das sind Deafening Opera. Ihre Lieder sind von epischen Strukturen durchzogen. Ihren Hang, eine Geschichte zu erzählen, leben sie in musikalisch kongruenten und doch abwechslungsreichen Konzeptalben aus.