De Wet
NL Rotterdam – Rock / Blues
De Wet


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‘De Wet’ (Dutch for ‘The Law’) was born on a hot summer night in 2011.

Roger, Edmond and Melvin were sitting outside somewhere in the city centre. Drinking a couple of beers and talking about how great it’d be to play in a rock trio. Just three dudes banging out their music, no hassle and not too much gear to move around. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to drive around the UK in a gear-packed station wagon, play pubs and have a ball? The next day they started out jamming in a rehearsal room. Two weeks later they played their first try-out gig. After that, De Wet quickly got recognised by the Rotterdam audience. Their shows, packed with fun and amazing musicianship were appreciated a lot by local music lovers.

Guitarist Edmond Bravenboer played Radio2′s semi final in the Dutch Competition for the Best Guitarist. Online magazine TheBluesAlone states that ‘his guitar playing is impressive enough to match with the big names.’

De Wet released their debut EP ‘Beg For More’ in February of 2014. Recorded in the studio they built themselves. They released their album with an exclusive gig in sexclub White’s in Rotterdam. Beg For More is available on iTunes and Spotify. Their debut got a lot of positive recognition. Bluesmagazine says that ‘Beg For More is surprisingly thrilling. The band delivered an unusual debut album. You should keep your eyes out for De Wet.’