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Riding Low (and Flying High) LIVE w/lyrics

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Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Are You Conspirienced? Album 2013
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy Album 2008
Daniel Sheehan
Ab67616d0000b273af02e6e19373f24db70d7837 Tales from Earth Incorporated Album 2019
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Fort Dakesh Music
Dan Sheehan
Press Text
The Dans touring his concept album Tales from Earth Incorporated, a socially conscious project exposing the ills of greed and its manifestations around the world, covering climate change, indigenous rights, drug cartels, and gun violence.

Typically performed by a rock band often augmented by strings, horns, and world instruments, during the Covid-19 pandemic TFEI is offered as a virtual performance, mixing solo acoustic performances by Sheehan with performances blending live vocals and guitar to backing tracks from the album.

Sheehan is known in Europe and North America for headlining shows as well as opening for legendary acts including Courtney Love, the Meat Puppets, Gordon Gano of the Violent Femmes and Irish music legends Kila. His music has been broadcast hundreds of radio stations on five continents and featured in podcasts from around the globe.

A condensed list of praise follows:

Dan Sheehan has just released a monumental effort that is perhaps this generation’s most ambitious and honest look at the world we live in circa 2019... This bold political and social statement is one rocker’s attempt to raise awareness and social consciousness about issues like climate change, sweat shop labor, drug cartels, for profit prions and the like… propelled by his capable rock band augmented with world instruments from South America, Africa and Asia, as well as horns and strings.
– Rich Lynch, New Jersey Stage and, USA

Intense dedication to quality in songwriting, arranging and performance.
– Alan Ovington, The Tameside Reporter, Stalybridge, England

Four tracks from the brilliant The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy, Are You Conspirienced? album now added to our playlist on Xtra AwSum Radio.
– Jim Bowe, Xtra Awsum Radio, Aberdeen, Scotland

Are You Conspirienced? from the Dan Sheehan Conspiracy – always a very fine songwriter and just executes it very well on this CD.
– Don Campau, Radio Marabu, Germany

Great CD by a great talent… This is a future classic… Absolutely brilliant album of modern sounding rock.
– Alan Hare, Medway Radio, England

“For those who love and treasure concept albums, and those critical of modern capitalism in particular, Tales from Earth Incorporated might be regarded as something of a gem.”
–, Uzbekistan

… a prodigious singer songwriter creating some amazing songs. He’s being listened to and heard on radio stations all around the world now. He’s really developing a great following and it’s understandable when you hear the quality of his music. When I think of Dan’s voice the word “might” comes to mind.
-Clive Swersky, Alive With Clive TV, White Plains, NY, USA

I listened to the first title… I wanted to download the album right away.
– Jean-Pascal Jehan, Run City 974, Reunion, Africa

“Dan Sheehan manages to do what so few have accomplished in recent years — present a new and compelling vision of rock… How refreshing to hear an artist so full of imagination with the guts (and musical chops) to tell it like it is.”
– Roger Z, More Sugar magazine, New York, USA

“The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy has a refreshing and natural sound that many other bands in today’s scene lack… definitely a good listen for those who appreciate well-written music and original lyrics rather than the modern garbage that overflows out of today’s music television networks… an awesome band.”
– Anya Doorga, The Campus, City College, NY

“Dan Sheehan’s subject matter will appeal to broad swath of the general public, and the music is first class. His voice is unique and memorable… The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy CD is something you’ll want in your collection. ”
– Wildy Haskell, Wildy’s World music blog

“We love the way this disc flows and think that Dan has simply outdone himself. Conspiracy? We don’t know about that, but we do know that it is darn good tunes–and that’s what matters the most!”
– David, Radio Free David blog

“I gotta play you somebody I’m very, very, very excited about… The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy… He’s rock, he’s alternative, he’s singer-songwriter… he’s rap, he’s indie, he is FAN-tastic!”
– Todd Wachtel, The Jersey Toddshow

“Wow, I really enjoyed listening to your CD (numerous times)… Enjoy your awesome talent!!!”
– Paddy, Radio Free USA

Keep making awesome music – we’ll keep playing it!
– Brennan Brown, KLPI 89.1 FM, Ruston, LA, USA

Dan Sheehan Conspiracy is a true conspiracy… you can hear there is a musical cooperation between the band members. They are playing soulful and with pleasure… it doesn’t matter what kind of music – when you are playing this way every style can bring good music. And this fits for sure with the pop-rock songs on this album.
– Jan Nederveen, Radio 794, Netherlands

You guys are great and the station would enjoy playing your music.
– Stephen Nelson, Alternative Rock Director, WXIN-FM, Providence, RI, USA

Thanks for sending me your music. It’s a strong and potent CD.
- Don Campau, No Pigeonholes, KKUP-FM, Cupertino, CA, USA

We think that The DSC is awesome!
– Deirdre, Music Director, WCHC-FM, Worcester, MA, USA

Fantastic… I’m diggin’ it!
– Jimi Lee, Indie Radio Chattanooga, Chattanooga, TN, USA

Love the music, Dan, love the feel.
- Uncle Shag, Longtown Sound, WLSO.FM, Ridgeway, SC, USA

Fantastic…the station ID is perfect. The CD is fantastic, too. Thanks!
– Jeni T., Music Director, KEOL-FM, LeGrande, OR, USA

Just wanted to touch base and let you know that people are getting your music and can appreciate the work involved… thank you for such great music.
-Darrol Cox, KODA of Anacortes, Anacortes, WA, USA