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Craig Shorrock - Acoustic Singer/Songwriter Indiepop Acoustic Pop Folk Pop Live Act in Darwen

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CJay is a singer/songwriter from East Lancashire who writes "simple songs with lovely melodies and lyrics that are occasionally sublime". Recent performances at Edinburgh Fringe and several local festivals (3 of which have rebooked for 2017) have led to an increased interest in his live show. An album and accompanying promotional tour have been set for late October/ November.

Past Gigs Craig Shorrock

  • 10 | 2016 Chorley Chorley Live
  • 09 | 2016 Darwen Sunbird Records

Discography Craig Shorrock

  • 2016 Quid Pro Quo Album | Unarmed Bandit
  • 2016 1000 Lives EP EP | Unarmed Bandit


  • Sound Quid Pro Quo Album Teaser
  • Sound Top Of The Avenue
  • Video From The Clouds CJay

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