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Cisnes - Alternative Live Act in Munich

Cisnes Short Info

Cisnes is a german musical collective featuring artists from different countries and philosophical backgrounds. Their music incorporates a plethora of influences ranging from sampled Latin beats to raw wave synthesisers. Their music is ever evolving, pushing boundaries of genres, yet always remaining danceable and poppy. The core is based around multiinstrumentalists and composers Alexander Strazdins and Eduard Demacek

Past Gigs Cisnes

  • 05 | 2014 Milla-Club, Munich Lischkapelle/Cisnes Live
  • 05 | 2014 Atomic Cafe, Munich Cisnes live @ Atomic Cafe


  • Sound What's Your Feeling
  • Sound Las Ramblas
  • Sound Catapult
  • Sound Soul Shaker

Fan Radar

3,988 Plays


  • Munich DE


  • 2010


  • Eduard Demacek Vocals, Drums, Electric Ukulele, Guitar
  • Alexander Strazdins Vocals, Keys, Guitar, and everything else
  • Sophie Strobl Bass

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