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Chester - Alternative Live Act in Berlin

Chester Short Info

Cello Artist. I play and compose music using my loop station and effect box and i love it! I have a few ensembles: Solo Performance, Quartet concert, Junkie spaceship Alternative rock band. I like to adapt the music to the occasion and to collaborate with other forms of arts. Looking forward to hear from you.

I was five years old when I picked up the cello. Since then I'm in constant searching.

I share my music with great people in playing and composing and joining other mediums of the arts like dance, theater, video art and more.
Welcome to my world

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Past Gigs Chester

  • 01 | 2014 Berlin Liala Qartet on Fashion Week
  • 01 | 2014 Berlin Expo opening
  • 11 | 2013 Berlin Dance Expo
  • 09 | 2013 Tel Aviv SABOTAGE - my band performance
  • 08 | 2013 Tel Aviv SABOTAGE - my band performance
  • 05 | 2013 Jerusalem H2O - Gertrude Dance competition

Discography Chester

  • 2013 Sher Niv Album | Indie
  • 2013 ashan - ophir somberg Album | indie
  • 2013 white noise Single | indie
  • 2011 Junkie spaceship - tour one Album | indie
  • 2011 masa asfalt Album | kol hakampus


  • Video Spice Girls - Saturday Nigh...
  • Sound Junkie Space Ship Music


  • Berlin DE


  • 1982


  • Ruth Danon fellow music soul
  • Kai Ben Dov singer and song writer at Junkiespaceship
  • Itamar Ben Zakay the executive authority and drummer in Junkies
  • Alexandra Paly violin player on Lila 4tet
  • Arisa Kobayashi violin player on Lila Qtet
  • Shirran Yinon viola player on Lila Qtet

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