Charlie Butter Fly

Live Act Rock Blues Rock Alternative Rock
Charlie Butter Fly - Rock Blues Rock Alternative Rock Live Act in Kočevje

Charlie Butter Fly Short Info

We're a rock band that writes its own music. In december 2014 we released our first album(in slovene language), in 2015 an english version of the album will come out. We played all over Slovenia, in 2012 we even played on the biggest festival in Slovenia-Schengenfest on the same stage as Kaiser chiefs. We won a few band competitions and joined forces with one of the best producers in Slovenia-Dejan Radičević. We would like to have gigs outside Slovenia, which is our next goal.


  • Sound
  • Sound Med Nogami
  • Sound Pridi K Men
  • Sound Rabim Te
  • Sound Mala Moja
  • Sound Zadnja Stran
  • Sound Še Vedno Živ
  • Sound Neznanec
  • Sound Poet Teme
  • Sound A Child Again
  • Sound The Mirror
  • Sound Submarines
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  • Kočevje SI


  • 2011


  • Klemen Kirašič guitar player, vocalist
  • Tadej Kirašič drummer
  • Miha Rupnik bass player