Live Act Jazzrock Funk Jazz Fusion
CHANGO - Jazzrock Funk Jazz Fusion Live Act in Szczecin

CHANGO Short Info

CHANGO is a group of four "veteran" musicians, bringing together their varied backgrounds of Funk, Jazz, Rock and Blues styles.

Their live shows have jam band-style improvisation and instrumentals. The original concept behind the band was not to just perform as a group, but to work “as a unifying artistic force, one where people put music ahead of their egos to collectively create great music.”

Band is planning to record an album, for release in 2015/16.


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  • Szczecin PL


  • Maciek Kałka bass
  • Kuba Fiszer drums
  • Szymon Drabkowski guitar
  • Borys Sawaszkiewicz moog, hammond, rhodes