C.F. Boneslum

Live Act Blues
C.F. Boneslum - Blues Live Act in chester

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Sounding loosely like a Street quartet of musicians Carl plays 4 instruments at once, A bass pedal (made up of old piano hammers and bass guitar strings) with his right foot, A snare drum with his left foot, a hung harmonica and acoustic guitar.

Past Gigs C.F. Boneslum

  • 11 | 2015 Chester Compass Compass
  • 11 | 2015 Edinburgh Edinburgh Mini Tour

Discography C.F. Boneslum

  • 2015 Monkey Chunk EP |


  • Video Carl Foulkes Jones and the ...

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  • C.F. Boneslum Guitar, Vox, Harmonica & Percussion
  • Andy Hendo Bass & Percussion