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Bramar Records
29bb6e30296e51533cc69ba8c986cc01ec18d205 A Wave of Goodbyes Single 2019
071c38a110d113de12dd51b8cc0cf259445dcafc Murano Single 2019
01765020662e06115a88c3fc0a241858d0d18770 Inana Single 2019
60cbc6560c8d8aabd41db2fb78256237d6f3de49 Sputnik II Album 2019
77eb7c17cafe55038e7bd690e929d1c8fc8522d7 Ventura Acoustic Single 2018
7526e78a404ffdbe2be740389595f93697fbe56d Laïka (Fellini Félin Remix) Single 2018
C7412db6476b802daa1bd5583648ec67daba34aa Ventura ( Surfin' edit ) Single 2017
Eae30a2871b7d15accf3edaf627ccbb29d94b3cc Baïkonour Album 2017
Ef87c957a340968fa74ae3714780a590e8c69c7a Sankara Single 2016
Ade89fc8556f165c15460f2f1315d1ab2e4b85f2 Laïka (Hannes Fischer Remix) Single 2015
Lea Courty
8f10f81dc20c4011e318daaea9fc4fa4688f5d3d Crocodile Single 2016
891c47de1cb728fca90f9b4cb0134a2edbe1d29d Ourson Single 2015
Giovanna Fragapane
7a8475a3744d536438335ad9356dc1579063a483 Sputnik Single 2014
Camel Power Club
18e5d22902f6a76f901a00f9811e2cb0012a4b4b Tagada (feat. Akin Yai) Single 2015
Sebastien Coutureau
B0e909a5431ccb9757b818b3250a96d84739ec55 Money Can't Lie Single 2015
No Agency
Bramar Records
Léa Courty
Press Text
Camel Power Club has been part of the French Indie Electronic scene since 2015, touring from Mexico where he played in one of the biggest South American festivals (Tecate Pal’Norte, Monterrey) to Eastern Europe and Turkey in December.

Reminding of Vampire Weekend, Polo & Pan or L'Impératrice, with more than 30 millions plays online and >280k listeners on Spotify, his universe stretches from folk to electronic surf music, with diversity into each one of his songs, and lyrics that anybody can relate to.

Distributed by The Orchard, he's been supported by Spotify, Apple and Deezer (DE, FR, US, MX, ES...), by Majestic Casual, NBHAP (DE), The Line of Best Fit, Radio 1's Chillest show w/ Phil Taggart and SubPop Suggests (UK), by Earmilk, Indie Shuffle (US) + YT channels Electro Posé (1,1M), Délicieuse Musique (377K)...

After releasing 2 EP, and a new album "Sputnik II" in 2019 (with >16M on Spotify), he's working on a new projects and plans to tour more and more within Europe in 2020.