Caffe Collective

Live Act Songwriter Alternative Funk Improvisation
Caffe Collective - Songwriter Alternative Funk Improvisation Live Act in London

Caffe Collective Short Info

Double- Album to be released 2017

Music Video in production for New Years Eve Launch

3 hours of funk soul and hip-hop improvisation, mixing a careful balance of collaboration and organisation.. Make you feel the bass in the centre of the rythym, paint a picture around yaa - be asking for more of this decision.

Inspired by coffee,


Past Gigs Caffe Collective

  • 02 | 2017 Montpellier Caffe Collective @ Ol' Dirty Bar
  • 12 | 2016 London Caffe Collective + The Others Jam Session
  • 12 | 2016 London Caffe Collective at Bedroom Bar
  • 12 | 2016 London New Cross In2 Christmas
  • 12 | 2016 London Caffe Collective at White Post Cafe

Discography Caffe Collective

  • 2016 Fresh Ground Pls EP | Joint Standard


  • Media Time To Go


  • London GB


  • 2012


  • Semi (Flower Child) Donmez Bass
  • Flo Torq Lead Vocal and Co-ordinator
  • Nicholas Peruzzo Lead Guitar
  • Francessco Carrer Production
  • Ilayda (bananafish) Creative Director
  • Peppe Taglieri Keys
  • Federico Surru Saxaphone
  • Franco (Francois) Trumpet and Guitar