Buen Chico

Live Act Indie Pop
Buen Chico - Indie Pop Live Act in Leeds

Buen Chico Short Info

Buen Chico are an indie pop group from Leeds, writing songs about dancing, consumerism, the so-called "environment", love and happiness. They've made a couple of albums and a couple of EPs, most recently The Patron Saints of Lost Causes EP, released on Philophobia Music in 2013. On the whole, they try to play as loud as possible.

Discography Buen Chico

  • 2013 The Patron Saints of Lost Causes EP | Philophobia Music
  • 2011 The Seasons EP EP | Philophobia Music
  • 2008 Our Love's Enormous Album | Geek Love Records
  • 2007 Right to Re-Arrange Album | Faith & Hope


  • Video Buen Chico-Choosing my reli...


  • Leeds GB


  • 2003

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