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BUńĆERSI is a funk/jazz quartet from Zagreb, Croatia.
We are professional musicians with a lot of artistic and bussines experince, but still open to new music, expression and experimentation.
The music of the band on ZERO OTTO album is focused on groove, structured music forms and arrangements, with a lot of improvised lines and solos from all band members. All songs are originals, and all band members are arrangement authors.

Past Gigs bucersi

  • 04 | 2016 Sax Club, Zagreb, Croatia New Croatian Jazz 2016
  • 11 | 2015 Vintage industrial Bar/Zagreb/Croatia Fender Mega Muzika Awards 2015

Discography bucersi

  • 2015 Zero Otto Album | Slusaj Ovo
  • 2006 Escape Album | Croatia Records
  • 1997 J.M.B.G. Album | ZG Zoe Music


  • Media Highlander
  • Video BUCERS - Wahhy & Highlander...
  • Video The Butchers - Vrijeme je z...
  • Video TOP FUNKY

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  • 1998


  • Foo SuperFly Electric&Acoustic Guitars
  • Viktor Lipic Lipa Keyboards
  • Jan Ivelic Pele Drums
  • Zvonimir Bucevic Butch Bass Guitar

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