Brunettes Shoot Blondes
UA Kyiv – Indie/Alternative / Indie / Electropop
Brunettes Shoot Blondes
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Brunettes Shoot Blondes - Houston (LIVE)
Gig History
23 Apr / 2019 TBA Brno (CZ)
24 Apr / 2019 Enea Spring Break Showcase&Festival Poznan (PL)
30 Apr / 2019 Noch Besser Leben Leipzig (DE)
01 May / 2019 Badehaus Berlin (DE)
01 May / 2019 DYKNOW - TOURDAY I Leipzig, DE
02 May / 2019 Moorscheune Boberow
02 May / 2019 Capitano Berlin, DE
03 May / 2019 Zwischenbau Rostock (DE)
04 May / 2019 DYKNOW TOURDAY IV Rostock, DE
06 May / 2019 Markthalle Hamburg (DE)
09 May / 2019 DYKNOW TOURDAY VII Kaiserslautern, DE
04 Aug / 2019 Exhaus Tier (DE)
04 Sep / 2019 Live at Heart 2019 Örebro, SE
04 Sep / 2019 Salon Schmitts Kaiserslautern (DE)
03 Oct / 2019 Atlas Kyiv (UA)
16 Oct / 2019 TBA Warsaw (PL)
17 Oct / 2019 TBA Lodz (PL)
18 Oct / 2019 TBA Wroclaw (PL)
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Brunettes Shoot Blondes
Efe1cd913bac5f80310450bcd691f3f56dc00610 Houston Single 2019
Ac59685d2f3ec28d85925a1fc5c05a8c0f39df83 Hips Single 2017
21b34f21600d496cd2c278e3e633796ffd72af0f You've Got to Move Single 2017
B9bcfea0b3c14ede7f43dbc2b49806f16909ef7a Every Monday Single 2016
68b2fa02eac19d8c6ef315368c20efda99607e42 Bittersweet Single 2015
D7ef44a2dbdcee2a13e818b67be751ccdd1ba1fc Tomorrow Single 2014
C4fd5a6bd0daf3a12657df4af7dcad8e519535dd Knock Knock Single 2014
5926bfd894d7459b022c7e2dac721f8a709bffef I Don't Know Single 2014
5926bfd894d7459b022c7e2dac721f8a709bffef You Brroke My Heart Single 2014
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Press Text
Brunettes Shoot Blondes is an indie rock band based in Kiev, Ukraine.

After having released several music videos the band has been called an Internet sensation and has been covered by media such as Billboard, Yahoo!Music, The Daily Mirror, USA Today, BBC, Rolling Stone Brasil and many others. Their self-directed music video on a song “Knock Knock” went viral, collecting over 9 mln views on YouTube and winning the best concept at Berlin Music Video Awards Festival 2015. Their next work “Bittersweet” became a part of Opel car manufacturer’s advertising campaign.

After releasing the first EP “Bittersweet”, the band has performed on the X Factor, supported Hurts and The Neighbourhood, played shows in the biggest European festivals: Sziget (Hungary), Colours of Ostrava (Czech Republic), MOST (Belarus), Atlas Weekend and Hedonism Fest (Ukraine).

The band’s song “Every Monday” went to the final of the Ukrainian National Selection for Eurovision 2016.
In 2018 the band released EP and music video Hips. It was supported by Apple Music, and appeared on the front page of the service in more than 14 countries. Moreover, the music video for Hips was released to critical acclaim, receiving Best Music Video honors from the Los Angeles Film Awards.

For the latest video Brunettes Shoot Blondes designed a unique music instrument packed with a whole orchestra & performed their new song “Houston” live.
The band brought a broken, vintage grand piano to life, by reengineering it into a hybrid, containing 20 instruments in it. The musicians came up with an idea of making a true analog apparatus which could play different instruments nested inside the rim just by playing the keys. So when pressing a key, the piano hammers beat a marimba, tambourine, cymbals or even castanets. There are also special mechanical devices that allow for the playing of cello, violins and organ.

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