Broken Key
DE Halle (Saale) – Heavy Metal / Hardcore
Broken Key


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Broken Key, ist eine 5-köpfige Hardcore / Metalband aus Halle Saale ( Sachsen Anhalt ).

Wir bestehen seit 2009 und haben seitdem schon viele Gigs hinter uns gebracht.

Out of an existing project, the band Broken Key was founded by Marcus (playing the guitar) and Robin (bass) in August 2009. From the very first moment the musical genre was given: hard music should be played. Through a circle of acquaintances more band members were found. Still in 2009, the 13-years-old Konrad replaced the first drummer of the band. After two months, in November 2009, Broken Key had its first official successful performance. The first E.P., which is called “Road to Nowhere”, followed in July 2010. Because of musical reasons, the band decided to separate from its actual singer in December 2010. But the band members did not have to wait for a long time to find their new singer René, who still is member of Broken Key today. René also was the reason for a changing musical style: the music changed into the genre of Hardcore. After a change of the guitarist in August 2011, the newest member Tommy got part of the team. He quickly enjoyed playing the musical style of Broken Key. Now the band was complete. In this formation Broken Key celebrated a lot of successful performances. Up to date, the biggest successes were a single gig at the “Spreewaldrockfestival” in Germany, the support of the band “Crushing Caspars” and the support of the band “Maintain”. Broken Key has found its own musical genre, which we call “Kickass – Metal”. After many different songs, the band went back to sound studio and recorded its second E.P. “KickAss” in May 2013. Get blown away by quick double bass parts, heavy-handed, merciless guitar riffs, sleazy beats, deep bass lines and expressive, strong, deep vocal tones. A live show with Broken Key feels like a kick in your ass!!