Bloco Olofi

Live Act Afro-Latin Reggae Worldmusic Samba Cumbia
Bloco Olofi - Afro-Latin Reggae Worldmusic Samba Cumbia Live Act in Brighton

Bloco Olofi Short Info

Bloco Olofi is a 8 piece Samba reggae group from Brighton U.K. We play afro-Brazilian Samba fused with West African melody. We have 2 vocalists who sing the traditional songs from Brazil.
We either perform as a parading percussive group or a full stage set with the vocals and west African Kora and a hint of electronics to spice it up.
The performers of Bloco Olofi are based in London and Brighton and feature’s some of Brighton’s finest percussionists.

Past Gigs Bloco Olofi

  • 08 | 2015 Oxford Wilderness Festival for Continetal Drifts Carosel stage
  • 06 | 2015 glastonbury Glastonbury Festival Theatre and Circus
  • 05 | 2015 London Hooternannys with Movimientos Brixton

Discography Bloco Olofi

  • 2016 Magalenha Single | Soundcloud


  • Video Bloco Olofi 2016- Magalenha


  • Brighton GB


  • 2014


  • Tom Camidge Kora, Vocals & Percussion
  • Alex Mann Percussion & Vocals
  • Sally bunker Percussion & Vocals
  • Ali White Drum Kit

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