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My names Bigg i have been building to be a lyricist since i was 12.

Ive worked everyday since to build myself to where Im at which is an amazing lyricist. I have a LOT of songs written, and 11 songs recorded. only problem is ive never had a chance to get in a studio so the recordings are not good quality and doesnt show my talent. but here listen anyway and make your own thoughts.if ur interested contact me 9043121367 and I gaurantee you wont be disappointed

My name is Lonnie Medley i go by Bigg. I was born in Winchester, TN and moved to Jacksonville, FL as a lil kid after my parents bad divorce. Ive Been going back and forth between them ever since cuz neither really wanted me there. at age twelve i started writing and i fell in love immediately. there was and still isnt any feeling like it. My passion for music was substantial and i practiced for hours EVERYDAY. it basically brought me through a LOT of rough times and kept me level headed. When i turned 13 i started sharing my lines and even people who hated rap and hip hop couldnt help but love it. I put every ounce of emotion into every line and it showed. I used to just wanna keep it for myself but i loved sharing and rappin it to people. So when i turned 18 i decided to follow my dreams and get into a career as a lyricist. HMU YOU WANT ONE OF THE BEST 9043121367 BOOKING, STUDIO TIME, AUDITIONS, PROMO, ETC I promise you wont be disappointed!! #MusicIsMyPassion #LyricismIsMyLife