Better Than Gold

Live Act Drum ’n’ Bass
Better Than Gold - Drum ’n’ Bass Live Act in Dresden

Better Than Gold Short Info

BETTER THAN GOLD is a bass music live act formed by steve.e! (Sub Sickness, Uncanny Valley, Dresden) on the digital drums and bass synths, Sam Francesco (High Finesse, Dresden) on the keys and vocal wonder, MC Mike Romeo (Trackdonalds, Soundtrax, Frankfurt/Main) behind the mic. Deeply rooted in jungle and bass music it was meant to bring together a family - on stage, in the crowd and in the music combining the heritage of mother Dub and the teachings of father Funk with the catchy sweetness of sister Soul.

Past Gigs Better Than Gold

  • 07 | 2013 Stroga Stroga-Festival
  • 02 | 2013 Distillery, Leipzig
  • 12 | 2012 Groovestation, Dresden
  • 06 | 2012 Dresden BRN Open Air


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  • Dresden DE


  • 2012


  • MC Mike Romeo Vocals & Jokes
  • Sam Francesco Leads & Smiles
  • Steve.e Drums & Rave
  • Corn Flex DJ & Management