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Bahr - Singer/Songwriter Folk Rock Rock Alternative Rock Indie Live Act in istanbul

Bahr Short Info

BAHR are an Istanbul based Indie Folk Rock band formed in 2016. BAHR composed of singer-songwriter and guitarist Yusuf Bahar, drummer Nihal Saruhanlı and bass guitarist Burak Öztürkmen. The main influences on BAHR’s music could be outlined as western folk music, oriental culture as well as the simplicity of 90’s rock scene. Their debut public performance was on the 20th of November, 2016 at Studio Drum & Bass as an open rehearsal concert.

Past Gigs Bahr

  • 11 | 2016 Istanbul Studio Drum&Bass Open Rehearsal Concert


  • Video BAHR - Serenity (Live at St...
  • Sound I Resist
  • Sound Those Streets

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  • 2016


  • Yusuf Bahar Lead Guitar, Vocal
  • Burak Öztürkmen Bass Guitar
  • Nihal Saruhanlı Drums