Baggage Belt 9

Live Act Alternative Rock Jazzrock Indiepop Rock
Baggage Belt 9 - Alternative Rock Jazzrock Indiepop Rock Live Act in Sheffield

Baggage Belt 9 Short Info

Hi, we're an young upcoming Alternative Rock and sometimes Jazz-Rock fusion style band, ages from 13-17. We have a good selection of original songs which is quickly expanding and regularly cover songs in a unique style. Our hair is what we are most proud of!

We're always on the look out for some gigs to start with even if we haven't quite got a full set yet so make sure you choose Baggage Belt 9 as your next headliners! :D


  • Sound Baggage Belt 9 - Don't Ask
  • Sound Baggage Belt 9 - Nothing is...

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  • Sheffield GB


  • 2015


  • Solomon guitar, vocals
  • Jed drums, sax
  • Jack bass, guitar
  • Reuben organ, bass
  • Tom drums, guitar