Live Act Post-Metal Postrock Instrumental
Asheraah - Post-Metal Postrock Instrumental Live Act in Rijeka

Asheraah Short Info

Asheraah is 5 piece collective coming from Rijeka (Croatia), formed in 2009. They explore the slower side of the music universe, with a sound somewhere in between Lvmen and Neurosis. Their live shows feature intense visuals that are tailor made for each song.
Asheraah's debut album “The Mountain” was released in late 2013 by Geenger Records. At the moment, the band is working on new material slated for release later this year.

Past Gigs Asheraah

  • 10 | 2016 Rijeka Distune vam predstavlja: Tides from Nebula + Asheraah
  • 07 | 2016 Cres Tides of Youth festival

Discography Asheraah

  • 2013 The Mountain Album | Gengeer Records


  • Video Asheraah - The Mountain (fu...
  • Sound Asheraah - I know you will ...


  • Rijeka HR


  • 2009


  • Mario guitar
  • Mirko VJ
  • Jure bass
  • Alan drums
  • Dubravko guitar, samples

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