As It Stands

Live Act Punk-Pop
As It Stands - Punk-Pop Live Act in Newton Abbot

As It Stands Short Info

A Pop-Punk band from Newton Abbot who don't take themselves too seriously, but throw as much energy as possible into live shows. We involve ourselves in the Plymouth Music scene, with our broad array of pop-punky melodies and violent breakdowns. As a live act, we like to push boundaries to involve audiences and have them ensure that they remember us. We have a new EP almost ready for release (titled Indifference) giving us more than enough material for live performances. We feel our energy is hard to match, as we pour everything we have into putting on a good show. Any tunes can be found at

Past Gigs As It Stands

  • 07 | 2016 Plymouth Life Alone- Nova Grey- As It Stands- Helvellyn- Written Within
  • 06 | 2016 Plymouth Haze- Super Secret Club- Smiling Politely- As It Stands
  • 04 | 2016 Tavistock AIS Headliner

Discography As It Stands

  • 2016 Press Start Single |
  • 2016 Shipwreck Single |
  • 2015 Big Mistakes & Planned Escapes EP |


  • Media Press Start
  • Media Shipwreck


  • Newton Abbot GB


  • 2014


  • Jack Potter Guitar/ Vocals
  • Joseph Kime Bass
  • James Borer Drums