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apperaat is a completely new ES/NL/DK based art act and creative wonder team.

consisting of:
A) tam vibberstoft, artist / photographer / film maker / composer / producer / singer
B) 1. nielsgade, composer / producer / musician / film maker

We are an artist duo working in the intersection between music, visual art and performing arts.

We make music.. but we make other kinds of art too: photos, performance, ambient display music, films, music videos, decorations, installations and more.
With a daily distance of 2500 km between Cuenca and Aarhus, coupled with our 30 years age difference, apperaat is naturally an online project and in many ways a different kind of collaboration.

? ! – a cinematic music performance
Take a seat and enjoy a glass of wine. Dim the lights and prepare for a live cinematic music experience accompanied by apperaat.

Our motto is “it has to be pleasant”.
Art does not have to be uncomfortable or shocking to create new points of view. We believe in creating pleasant situations with more subtle territory for a different experience of reality. We invite our audience on a multi sensory journey, a parenthesis in their lives, and we are not afraid of entertaining.

We released our debut album with the title ? ! on November 25 2013 on our own label apperaat music.
? ! is a concept album. It’s a story about two individuals, who search for a common identity. ? ! reflect on the balance act in a relation and in the creation of an identity: how much should we give, and how much should we take?

We are storytellers.

The story unfolds between the two characters. Inspired by ”The Dreamers” by Karen Blixen, Tami is the young woman in constant transformation and search for her own identity (occasionally even fleeing from it), while Niels is the stabile rock, which is always within reach.
From imbalance to balance, changes in the power structure, a break and a return, we follow the story about disconnection and reunion.

Our live act is a gesamtkunstwerk in which music, performance and video projections make out equally big parts of the artistic expression. We believe that no art form is superior to the other, and therefore we merge the disciplines of language, music, visual art and the performing arts into one multi-sensory experience.