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Andrew Applepie - Electronica Electro Electronic Dream Pop Electropop Live Act in Regensburg

Andrew Applepie Short Info

Andrew Applepie packed his suitcase and in it he put: A sound operator-1, a robot, a beat machine (and two more), a guitar, an avocado shaker, a synthesizer and he needs a giant peg to keep it closed. Always traveling to keep track of his loved ones and musical projects, he lets all his lust for life show in his songs, which also are traveling all around the world.

The New York film-maker Casey Neistat and many more are playing his tunes in their videos and millions of people around the world are listening.

To put it with Indie Shuffle's words: Andrew's "dream-pop [...] is intriguing and catchy [...], smooth and upbeat" (

Past Gigs Andrew Applepie

  • 10 | 2016 Regensburg Popkulturfest push!
  • 08 | 2016 Studio 672, Köln c/o pop
  • 05 | 2016 W1, Regensburg Andrew Applepie's Sweet Music Picnic

Discography Andrew Applepie

  • 2016 Antarctica Single | Fett Music
  • 2016 Secrets Single | Fett Music
  • 2016 Andrew Applepie Album | Fett Music
  • 2015 Real Sweet Album | Fett Music


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  • Sound I'm So (it's on Spotify!! ...
  • Video Who is Andrew Applepie??
  • Sound Secrets

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