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Ancient Mith - Rap Live Act in Colorado

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While there are plenty of anomalies in the world to ponder, one of the most striking is why a biography seems to validate ones ability to accept or like the art that is being presented.

Raised by wolves and great parents, Ancient Mith is an American, living in Denver, Co. and making music. The 2003 award winner of the 1908 Pulitzer Prize given out by Gandhi, himself. They spit a few bars and were Swayze. Has saved numerous a woman from burning dog houses and dogs from burning people houses, even though most of them were cat ladies. Chicken pot pie was his favorite food in kindergarten, which is a German word.

Past Gigs Ancient Mith

  • 10 | 2014 Berghain Kantine gigmit Talent Agency Club Showcase
  • 10 | 2014 Molotow Ancient Mith & Blindspot
  • 10 | 2014 Schaubude Trouble Orchestra
  • 10 | 2014 Hirscheneck Ancient Mith und Blindspot
  • 10 | 2014 Glockenbachwerkstatt Hip Hop Open Mic Special
  • 10 | 2014 Druckluft Ancient Mith & Blindspot


  • Sound Ancient Mith - No Legs
  • Sound Ancient Mith - They'll Alwa...
  • Video "Melungeon"


  • Colorado US