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American punjabi Alo Wala's live show, crafted with and backed by Copia Doble Systema, is magic raving.

You will find her in lavish geometric shapes and bright colors, flirting in front of euphoric live visuals and bouncing over colossal bass lines from the live band. Their forthcoming debut album at Enchufada label also features superstars of tropical bass like Schlachthofbronx, Jahdan Blakkamoore, MC Zulu and others.

ALO WALA, meaning “people of the light” in a mix of Bengali/Hindi, is a band comprised of Brooklyn based recording artist Shivani Ahlowalia and tropical bass pioneers Copia Doble Systema. Their sound is rooted in hip hop and branches into dancehall as Shivani’s voice flows playfully over embellished basslines promising a truly uplifting dancefloor experience.

Shivani Ahlowalia is a first generation American from a Punjabi-Indian family. She takes her musical inspiration from her mixed cultural background and her many travels around the globe. Her live show, crafted with Copia Doble Systema, features hefty percussion from Julius Sylvest, once the youngest drummer of the Danish Royal Marching Band; VJ Mad Es’ overwhelming live visuals; and as musical captain of the boat, Norwegian Copyflex live on samplers, air horn and synthesizer. Together they create a magical rave, presenting ALO WALA in lavish geometric shapes and bright colours, flirting in front of euphoric visuals and bouncing over colossal bass lines that make your whole body vibrate.

In September 2013 they toured together for the first time, doing six shows in Denmark and Spain, including the festivals Images and RAW in Copenhagen and BAM Festival in Barcelona. In January they spent nearly two months on the road in India, cutting their teeth playing packed club shows, desert festivals and private events.

Furthermore, ALO WALA have recorded a full length album in their own defunct backyard brothel transformed into a studio house and in the luxurious Red Bull Studios Copenhagen, collaborating with Schlachthofbronx (DE), Nucleya (IN), Boody (US) and Eloq (DK) and featuring their friends Jahdan Blakkamoore, Mudimbi and MC Zulu on guest vocals.

Do not let ALO WALA’s Bollywood twirls and meditative lyrics trump their chief intention: To make you dance – hard!

Copia Doble Systema is an amazing band from Copenhagen, Denmark, who have been causing a storm over the last few years with their psychedelic take on tropical rhythms with large doses of bass. Their love for all kinds of tropical music started as the bandmembers were introduced to cumbia, and it has never stopped growing ever since. As the band began collaborating with the Chicago-born vocalist Alo Wala, a whole new set of influences began informing their sound, which has mutated to include traditional Indian music, hip-hop and beat music, alongside South-American rhythms and all sorts of global sounds.