Aldo Antonio Collage Mestizo
DE Tegel Berlin – Latin-Fusion / Singer/Songwriter / Afro-Cuban / Latin Acoustic / Tropical
Aldo Antonio Collage Mestizo


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Latin Acoustic
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Aislado Album 2018
Latin - Fusion
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Tras el Horizonte Album 2004
Aldo Antonio Collage Mestizo
Aldo Antonio
Aldo Antonio Collage Mestizo
Aldo Antonio
Aldo Antonio Collage Mestizo
Aldo Antonio
Press Text
Aldo Antonio Collage Mestizo It is an integration project, about Caribbean music, that has the drum as its connecting thread, fulfilling the function of investigating, composing and promoting, through concerts, different rhythmic forms, with a deep poetry of varied themes.

In this proposal the modes, the timbral, have been expanded, developing the melodic, rhythmic and harmonic, with greater aesthetics, changing the sound texture.
No matter the forms, as long as the music invites you to enjoy. In the Caribbean, the influence of Africa is indelible, these musics emerged through miscegenation: Yoruba, Congo, Carabalí, Arará, Mandinga, Mina, Ganga and other African ethnic groups, mixing with the Indians, Spaniards, English, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Italians etc ...
For a long time, some of these music were ignored and belittled by the dominant groups, sometimes excluded from the circuits of the official national culture, hence its revitalization.
-Give revitalization and integration to these music, performing at the international concert circuit.
-To promote knowledge, appreciation, creativity and practice, as an artistic phenomenon and means of communication.
-To enable all sectors to learn and enjoy these music.
-Promote through: interviews, concerts, documentaries, audiovisual media, etc.
Themes, Rhythms
01-Soy de mi campo (Punto cubano)
02-Buen mestizaje (Guaguancó)
03-Siempre retornaré (Soca)
04-En Serranía (Guajira)
05-Días de Caribe (Reggae)
06-El Chorrerón (Guaracha)
07-Soy liberal (Cumbia)
08-Amor te estás perdiendo (Danzón)
09-Somos siluetas (Bolero)
10-No vendas tu alma (Kompa)
11-Tiré al fuego (Changüi)
12-Andas conmigo morena (Rumba)
13-Gentes de corcho (Mambo)
14-Estrés (Afro)
15-En su colina (Pilón)
16-Voltaje de ansiedad (Habanera)
17-Polvareda (Makuta)
18-Cata (Merengue)
19-No temas (Son)
20-Mira el tiempo (Calipso)
21-Cuentos de la Habana (Songo)
22-Vivimos sueños (Punta)
23-Tuve un lugar (Trova)
24-Mayorá (Lamento Afro)
25-No siempre la vida baila (Zouk)
26-En la Jungla (Sucu sucu)
27-Danzaré (Palo de Mayo)
28-Para Varadero (Chachachá)
29-Se lo que es la soledad (Bembé)
30-Muchacha (Mozambique)
Aldo António vocal and guitar virtuosity confirm his Musical authenticity. The strength and projection of the unstoppable Live performances prove the pureness and legitimate cultural Roots of his Music giving it all it's value and distinctiveness.
His work fits to be performed at Teatros, Plazas, Salas, Club, Schools, Nursing homes. Music animation, recreational, danceable.Interpreted to Voice and Guitar or in Group.
He is an important reference in the Latin American and Universal Music scene.
Discography: "Tras el Horizonte" and "Aislado"