Alasdair MacMillan
DE Bad Fallingbostel – Folk
Alasdair MacMillan


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01 Jul / 2029 Obernair Oberhausen
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Multi-instrumentalist from Scotland. Combines Celtic, Hawaiian, Reggae and folk on multiple instruments via live-looping. Plays Guitars, Banjo, Bass and sings harmonies to his own vocals. I was born in a tiny fishing village on the west coast of scotland into a family with generations of musical history. My ear for music and new musicical influences led to a globetrotting life and i've lived in berlin, prague, amsterdam, the pyrenees, ireland and the hawaiian islands.

I'm a multinstrumentalist and play guitars,banjos,mandolin, piano, banjola, tin whistle, some fiddle and make monkey noises.
At gigs i live-loop guitars, banjos and vocals through a loop station to create multi-layerd backing to the vocals running through a vocal harmonizer processor and occasionly use the ipad for orchestration and backing *trance* beats. I write 3-minute gems with witty lyrics, travel the globe playing music and live in a converted farmhouse in northern germany.

Live Setup:
Ibanez Concorde '73 with K&K pickups and Elixir Nanoweb strings
Martin J-40 with acoustic B-bender
Fender Squier Strat ('83 Japan)
Boss RC-50 Loopstation
Digitech VL4 harmonizer
Yamaha mg 82 cx onstage mixer
Bose L1 PA