Alan Kavanagh
IE Ashbourne – Singer/Songwriter / Blues / Folk / Singer/Songwriter / Rock
Alan Kavanagh


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Alan Kavanagh
Ab67616d0000b273d455640e6b348ad56bc26cde Older Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b273ed4ee48dece04d46b36df936 The Lockdown EP EP 2020
Ab67616d0000b273b177d07046dbdbe028695579 Boston Bay by Morning Single 2017
Ab67616d0000b2732ba60c1d8d9a38072fb7f74b Soft Morning Single 2016
Ab67616d0000b2738be36c864bd68b2928ec4f23 To Yourself Please Always Be True Single 2014
Ab67616d0000b27307d410bbdfdb3c6dfbd1d547 Just a Jukebox Away Single 2014
Ab67616d0000b273c538cb1842ee411841601377 Bitter Man Single 2013
Ab67616d0000b273eca25b63d214e92022951e37 Christmas Far from Home Single 2012
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Press Text
Alan Kavanagh is a musician from Ashbourne Co.Meath.

His latest single has just won IMRO's Christy Hennessy Song Contest and went to number two on the I-Tunes Rock Chart.
Alan has supported acts such as The Coronas, Mundy, 5ive, Christy Dignam and many more.

Alan Kavanagh is a 27 year old singer/songwriter from Ashbourne , Co. Meath. His latest single Bitter Man has just won IMRO's Christy Hennessy Song Contest and peaked at number 3 in the I-Tunes Rock Chart.

While studying for a music degree in DKIT, Alan released his first single which went straight to number two in the charts. After the release he went gigging throughout Ireland and abroad and has had the privilege of touring with Meteor Award winner, Luan Parle, supporting The Coronas and playing with Christy Dignam. His last single ‘Christmas Far From Home’ had 22,000 hits on YouTube in just two weeks and received a great amount of airplay on Christmas FM, Sunshine 106.8, LMFM and Dublin City FM last year.

Alan plays ukulele, guitar, piano, and bass and has a music degree from Dundalk IT. He has also composed a piece recorded by the national chamber choir. He has spent the last two years gigging with Celebrity and Holland America where he has visited