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A Mess - Binging (Official Music Video)

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09 Feb / 2023 A Mess Café Trauma, Marburg, DE
10 Feb / 2023 A Mess Horst Klub, Kreuzlingen, CH
11 Feb / 2023 A Mess Nordklang Festival, St. Gallen, CH
24 Feb / 2023 A Mess Beta, Copenhagen, DK
27 Apr / 2023 A Mess Loophole, Berlin, DE
29 Apr / 2023 A Mess Komplex Schwerin, Schwerin, DE
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Ab67616d0000b273a9e554f4b53ddd4c962764a0 Fuck Your Way to the Top Single 2021
Ab67616d0000b2732fcf405ff9247ca256a76633 Champagne Single 2021
Ab67616d0000b273f505fea11a40c5ae58b64fd5 Woman Single 2021
Puffin Artlab
Dorte Hartmann
Puffin Artlab
Dorte Hartmann
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Peter Bek
Press Text
Danish indie rocker A Mess is a one-badass-woman army armed with electric guitar.

She is honest as hell with both witty as well as serious lyrical perspectives, invigorating melodies, playful guitar licks and a hook-filled expression of being a woman.
She is head on and fucks with predefined notions. Visions Magazine (DE) calls it “feministic power pop driven by raw guitar riffs” and The Mellow Music (DE) continues “Dorte Hartmann is the new Lilly Allen. It’s been ages since have we have seen a provoking artist pushing the boundaries on the music scene”.
A Mess strikes the chord to songs about #metoo, gender perceptions and sex. The sound relies on guitar driven indie virtues and an early nineties’ vibe. Imagine if The Breeders bred Soccer Mommy and left the upbringing to Pussy Riot.

A Mess’ debut singles are on German and Danish radio rotation and selected as a top track Germany’s biggest newsmagasin Der Spiegel’s playlist. Her unique mix of indie rock and gender debate get TV, press and blog attention on acclaimed media platforms as MTV Germany, We Plug Good Music (UK), Visons Magazine (DE), Der Spiegel (DE), Danish TV-show Go' Aften Danmark, Music magazine Gaffa, and Danish media DR and many more.
A Mess is loaded with feminine stories on controversial topics as sexual consent, not wanting to have kids, binging sex partners and fucking your way to the top. Her debut EP 'WOMAN' is released in the fall 2021 to critical appraisal and getting 5 stars reviews from Good Because Danish (INT), GAFFA (DK), We Plug Good Music (UK) and more. She also released an art hybrid ‘Snapshots of a Wo/Man’: a crossover of music, mini- documentaries (with film director Tor Kolding) and gender debate.
In 2023 her new singles drop.
Dorte Hartmann is the woman behind A Mess. The name ‘A Mess’ is in Danish called ‘Et Rod’ – the same as D o r t e spelled backwards. Live is A Mess a fierce two-piece: Vox/guitar and drums.