DE Freiburg – Alternative / Alternative Metal / Post-Grunge / Heavy Metal / Melodic Metal


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03 Sep / 2022 Schänzle Dänzle Schänzle, Adelsberger Straße, 79669 Zell im Wiesental, Deutschland, Zell im Wiesental, DE
04 Nov / 2022 X-Disclaimer Schlosskeller Emmendingen, Emmendingen, DE
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Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Open water Album 2015
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder This is one EP 2010
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The band X-Disclaimer was founded in the year 2007.

Created by four people in search for completion. As a revival of art it instantly became an ignition of high passion and self-esteem. Getting eager to fulfill life with music. To perfect the inception. To spread the feeling of burning on the inside. Rooted in Alternativ Metal, X-Disclaimer spreads its limbs into Grunge, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Get up. And join this down the life !

The members of X-Disclaimer consider themselves to be live artists. To bring the music to the people they are ready to go as far as they can. Therefore the guys played many shows in several locations not only around Freiburg. X-Disclaimer ignited minds of masses on its way. One of the biggest successes was to play as a headliner in the CRASH 2012. The most unique show was the concert in the Rottenburg prison. Everybody should hold his breath if X-Disclaimer enters the stage.

In Autum 2015 the Band release their first LP "Open Water" with Eleven Alternativ Rocksongs, even placed on Amazon. 2016 they stardet to record the second Album, with new Metal song, also they're playing many Gigs in West-Germany and as support of the slowakisch Band "The ills".

X-Disclaimer ist die vierköpfige Alternativ Metalband aus Freiburg. Die Musiker nutzen die Grundzüge verschiedener Musikstile und so entwickelt sich Ihr facettenreicher Sound des Alternativ Metals. Die Jungs von X-Disclaimer sind begeisterte Live-Musiker. Einer der bisher größten Erfolge war als Headliner im CRASH aufzutreten. Einzigartig war ihr Konzert in der geschlossenen JVA Rottenburg. Sie spielten bisher in vielen Kneipen und Clubs, Festival und auch als Support für "The Ills". Mit ihrer mitreißenden Bühnenshow möchten sie ihren Spaß an der Rock-Musik zeigen und den Funken überspringen lassen.

Igor (Gesang, Gitarre)
Macky (Schlagzeug)
Chrische (Gesang, Bass)
Andy (Gitarre)