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COM Entertainment
6facb90fd7bd55c9f0dc458007fda10c1807dccd Perseverance - The Best of Zuby Album 2019
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0c502975df210d5263a654eb8009d8b02938a35c Perseverance Single 2018
Eae4bf40cebaf7bc31997889fcca63841cf93ce5 3:16 (Stone Cold) Single 2017
1d48ba6220b052b89cb2949ad1a472d953561344 The Year Of Zuby Album 2014
7167699731b8b4ab59e8c1bf085c55c37f393b37 Commercial Underground 2 Album 2011
3b98bff6d33d064e352922368fa9e6deb425ee05 How I Feel: The EP Single 2010
30a96cd2d7f3eef055fa54d4d3fa8a8f07438018 The Unknown Celebrity Album 2007
5945218595d0d5d6b65e395b909d5b33e0d4a948 Commercial Underground Album 2006
COM Entertainment Ltd
1c073bf6e8396fcb021673799158dd4369e82c63 Remember The Name Single 2019
Ec271bbaf3542f32a4409827b9f83e4e0f72857a Seven Album 2016
C.O.M. Entertainment/Nzube Udezue
3c4e60ef6b4e092a613b4c7e79046d99952562e2 Comin' At Ya Single 2011
C.O.M. Entertainment
0f3cb90654bd8b87837e98ad56f46c80ef1d843e Zubstep Single 2013
No Agency
No Management
Sentric Music
Simon Pursehouse
Press Text
Outspoken, authentic and self-assured, Zuby is a hip-hop artist who doesn’t shy away from expressing his perspective.

Every lyric, chorus and statement proudly proclaims his beliefs - with a rare honesty that is refreshing, compelling and inspiring.

Zuby was born in England and raised in Saudi Arabia. He attended an international school where he discovered his first obsession - art. He was ambitious even as a child, with dreams of becoming a cartoonist. His creative passion would eventually lead him down a different path.

As a Computer Science undergraduate at Oxford University, Zuby started rapping and within months self-released his debut album 'Commercial Underground'. His first single and music video ‘Steppin 2 Me’ achieved local popularity, receiving radio spins and national TV airplay.

After graduating, Zuby initially joined many of his university peers in the corporate world. But after 3 years of feeling restless, he left the stability of a ‘normal job’ behind him to pursue his passion for music full-time in 2011.

Since then, Zuby’s fan base and list of achievements have continued to grow. He has sold over 25,000 albums independently, created a successful merchandise line, founded a retail pop up shop and reached over 4 million YouTube views and 160,000 followers online. His 'Zubstep' EP reached #12 on the iTunes Hip Hop Charts and he has become the highest funded UK based rapper on Kickstarter.

Zuby is a masterful live performer who has toured the UK extensively, including headline tours in 2017 and 2018. He has graced stages in the USA, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and across Europe. His extensive performance resume also includes opening for several popular artists such as Akala, The Pharcyde and his favourite rapper, Tech N9ne.

In January 2019, he launched the ‘Real Talk with Zuby’ podcast - where he has open, honest and in-depth conversations with fascinating people from different walks of life.

Zuby's latest album 'Perseverance - The Best of Zuby' is available now.