Zanibar Aliens
PT Lisbon – Rock ’n’ Roll / Blues / Hard Rock / Psychedelic Rock / Alternative Rock
Zanibar Aliens


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46e645d40c6b309c571148dd0da7839d67fba95c Bongsmoker Single 2016
Ad513834f4c415f0ad4fecea5e05ce45f8280344 Bela Vista Album 2016
Bela Vista
A6b94ac40c88390e6f67e4b3522148cdfc8a8849 The Demos Single 2017
4f9aeb14e470d4791dd7a4c702173dc2b6c36124 Space Pigeon Album 2017
Metropolitna, Lda.
Fa29395b9fe9323faa4b11954b191d2e29a1b9d8 The Stalker Single 2016
Zanibar Aliens
3b7189c97a20fa40c38190de83ab658430a97b63 As Long as I Get to See You Single 2018
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Press Text
The Zanibar Aliens are a four member Rock Band based in Portugal, Lisbon.

Their sound reminds you of the Classic Rock’n’roll bands from the 70’s but mixed
up with some other interesting genres like classical music and Jazz.
Carl Karlsson (Vocals and Keyboards) and Filipe Karlsson (Guitar) are the Swedish
part of the band. Diogo Braga (Drums) and Ricardo Pereira (Bass) are the
Portuguese part.
The band released their first compilation of songs online in 2012 named “Zanibar
Aliens I” that wasn’t available in physical format.
Their first official album came in 2015, titled “Bela Vista”.
This one being available both online and in CD format.
Since then the band has played some major festivals in Portugal, such as NOS
Alive, Vodafone Paredes de Coura, EDP Vilar de Mouros and Festas do Mar.
In 2017 they drove all the way to England to record their second album “Space
Pigeon”, in Factory Road Studios located in Eastleigh.
Shortly after, the band went on a 10 concert tour through Portugal and Spain.
At the moment The Zanibar Aliens are working on their third album, searching for
new sounds and experiences to innovate their already classic rock n’ roll sound