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Wurzelholz, known under his real name Alexander Riedel is a music producer and musician living in Jena, Germany. Melody and groove are two important fundamental parts for the music he likes to listen to but also for his own productions. His music is influenced by his love of playing live instruments and classic jazz music but also the 90s New York house sound and the Cologne-based label Kompakt. In 2016 he released his first EP via the label Intimate Venues in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Past Gigs wurzelholz

  • 09 | 2016 Jena, Deutschland Disco Light
  • 09 | 2016 Kampala, Uganda Bayimba Arts Festival
  • 09 | 2016 Jinja, Uganda Nyege Nyege Festival
  • 08 | 2016 Kigali, Rwanda One Love

Discography wurzelholz

  • 2016 Nothing is True EP | intimate Venues Recordings


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