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Wolkenpark Short Info

Wolkenpark is a Zurich based solo project by Kriz Flew (trumpet and live looper) performing new urban dancefloor jazz.

With almost no prepared material each performance starts from square one and leads to a complete new and wonderful transforming, danceable music. This highly improvised performance is bringing electronic jazz clubsound to a new level.

Every time Wolkenpark performs live from scratch; one musical moment to the next one – seamless and perfectly consistent.

Live Kriz Flew joins with friends like producer orliq.


  • Sound Sparkling Water
  • Sound The Blue Parrot
  • Sound Frappantine
  • Sound The Cheerful Waiting Room
  • Sound Live ktv-Börse 18.4.2014
  • Sound Rehearsal Cut 28.10.2015
  • Sound Rehearsal Cut 10.03.2014
  • Sound Rehearsal Cut 16.01.2014

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  • Effretikon CH


  • 2009


  • Kriz Flew Trumpet, loops, synth
  • Orliq Live sampling, synths

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