Wind And The Whaler

Live Act Alternative Post Progressive Hardcore Alternative Rock
Wind And The Whaler - Alternative Post Progressive Hardcore Alternative Rock Live Act in Mannheim

Wind And The Whaler Short Info

WIND AND THE WHALER a story. A lonely vessel, wavering on an ocean of surrealism, inner fears and nebulous dreams. Shattered by waves of melancholy and atmospheric melodies.
The five-pice band fuses alternative rock with post-hardcore influences and emotional, honest lyrics. Out of this fusion rises a storm who will take you up into the air and lets you float peacefully

Discography Wind And The Whaler

  • 2014 Ocean EP |


  • Sound Breathe In
  • Sound Elements
  • Sound Dead Eyes
  • Sound It´s Not A Lake, It´s An Ocean
  • Video Wind And The Whaler - It's ...


  • Mannheim DE


  • 2013


  • Julien Schaffhauser Vocals
  • Leif Dölle Drums
  • Marco Bayati Guitar
  • Dennis Borger Guitar
  • Niklas Phil Bass

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