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Vúlcan - Electropop Electronic Indie Elektro Indie Live Act in Berlin

Vúlcan Short Info

Vúlcan is an electronic Scandinavian duo formed in Copenhagen 2013 and is currently based in Berlin. The group consists of Casper Van Westhausen and Amanda Lea.
The Vúlcan soundscape experiments with synth-based music where disco vibes meet a Nordic ambience, that results in a combination of soft pop melodies and dark electronic elements.
The past year Vúlcan has been working on their first album, which will be released later this year.

Past Gigs Vúlcan

  • 09 | 2014 Berlin MONTOYA
  • 09 | 2014 Berlin Music Week c/o Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH First We Take The Streets


  • Sound Don't Disturb This


  • Berlin DE


  • 2013


  • Casper Van Westhausen Composer, producer & intrumentalist
  • Amanda Lea Kempf Composer, instrumentalist, singer