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Voodoo - Alternative Hip-Hop Hip Hop Melodic Live Act in Geneva

Voodoo Short Info

Voodoo is a young artist born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland. He writes and produces his own song!
He created the "Voodoo fruit", a way of life and a musical style at the same time. He is inspired by his environment, his roots and his influences from Hip Hop ! He feels the energy surrounding him and puts it back into his craft. Each of his creation are diverse universe but he still own them, you feel me ? Bite in the Fruit !

Past Gigs Voodoo

  • 03 | 2016 Geneva Colors Live
  • 01 | 2016 Geneva Colors Live

Discography Voodoo

  • 2016 Fruit Essay EP |


  • Sound Fruit Essay: Shine
  • Sound Chambre Rose
  • Sound Flex Game [Bahia] Feat. Israel

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